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Is It Really Possible To Connect Through Online Marketing?

So, what is Internet marketing for small business all about? It is about defining who your target market is and then building a relationship with them. How is that possible if you never see them in person?

One of the exciting things about the marketing world today is the ability to connect with customers all over the world depending on your product or service.

Connection is the key though.

Internet marketing for small business begins by taking some time to think about who it is that will buy your product or service. By knowing your target audience, you are able to know how to speak to them. What are their challenges? Where do they hang out after work? What do they do on weekends? What problems can you solve for them?

Once you have a clear picture of your target customer, it is then time to think long and hard about how your product or service can help your client.

One of the best ways to test this is to have a few close clients or other business owners that you can test products and services with. I personally have a business mastermind that I have run for the last 2 years. That group has helped me to build and shape products and services. They can be brutal some times, but we all trust each other and give honest feedback.

Driving Traffic

To get people to your website you need to be visible online. To get visible online you need to be optimized to the search engines. There are many people out in the world that will tell you that they are SEO experts, however, I have found many to be complete fakes. If you are just starting out, I would recommend you utilize an online tool to see what your SEO currently looks like.

One of my favorite tools is SEO Quake by SEM Rush ( It walks you through what is missing from your site. It is a great insight into what SEO is all about.

Traffic can also be driven to your website by social media and paid search advertising. That is the subject for another article.

Capturing Attention

Once your target clients find you, you need to grab their attention and then strive to do all you can to keep their attention. This is where you might run into some difficulty if you are not set up right.

Make sure that you have an opt-in form on every single page of your website so when potential customers find you they can fill in the blanks with their contact information.

Once you have their contact information you should be able to follow up with them on a regular basis so they continue to remember who you are and that you have what they need.

Offer a free report of some kind relating to your niche or product or service when they sign up so they are getting something of value from you right off the bat.

Don't just expect them to come running to you when they get to the point of making a purchase. You must cultivate this relationship and the best way to do that is to have an autoresponder set up.

The Power of Autoresponders

What an autoresponder does is keep in touch with your email list every week or so, whenever you choose to have the emails sent out so you can cultivate the relationships.

People will more often buy from someone they know. It is said that it takes seven separate "meetings" for someone to think they know someone else and to trust them and the things they have to offer. Especially when it comes to making purchases online.

An autoresponder will help you do that. Say you want to send out emails to your list every week. What you have to do is sit down once a month and write out four separate emails. Include things like discount offers or coupons to entice your readers even further.

Then enter them into the autoresponder and they get sent out when you have chosen each one to go out to your list. Easy.

One of my favorite sources to learn about autoresponders and email sequences is DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson. Russell is a marketing genius and a pioneer of online marketing. This book is a masterclass in how to do email marketing correctly. You can get a FREE copy of DotCom Secrets at (

You will have to pay something every month for the service of having the autoresponder but it will increase traffic to your business exponentially and you will hardly notice the cost at all. In the past, I have used MailChimp, Constant Contact and AWeber. I now use ActiveCampaign (


Making a connection with internet marketing requires consistency. Your email list subscribers want to know who you are warts and all. The more you can share with them about your own struggles and challenges, the more they can relate with you. Consistently share with them and they will become raving fans.

Jeff Kikel is the CEO/Founder of T-Werx Coworking and the Founder of Profit Producers, an Internet-based education company focused on helping entrepreneurs build the skills they need to build profitable businesses. Jeff is also the Host of the Profit Nation Podcast ( and host of Entrepreneur Essentials on YouTube (

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