A Comprehensive Approach

Profit Producers Programs 

Being an entrepreneur can be extremely rewarding, however, it can also be extremely challenging. 


What makes one business succeed while others struggle to survive? This is a question that Jeff Kikel asked of his friends who had gone out of business while his businesses had survived. There is very little education for entrepreneurs that focuses on building successful and sustainable businesses. 


Profit Producers programs are designed to help entrepreneurs develop the skills necessary to develop profitable and sustainable businesses.  Depending on where your business is currently at, we have a training program that will help you get to the next evolution of your business. 



Designed for busy business owners that are working too many hours for too little money. Our 42 day program helps business owners develop the skills need to build a profitable business

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Accelerate is designed for the business owner that needs to rapidly grow their business.  By helping you identify your most profitable clients,  learn how to speak to them, and then develop sales systematization to become a recognized and sought after expert.  

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For the business owner ready to take their business to the next level. Designed as an intensive 5 Day “Deep Dive” into your business followed by a 12 month mastermind.


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